Our vision

Realisation of dreams is our company philosophy.
The company should be a place where employees enjoy their responsibilities and harmonize their dreams with of the company.

We will contribute to the society by means of providing our customers with convenient and dream-inspiring solutions and goods which make the life happier.

Aiming to satisfy our customers, we find out attractive items from both inside and outside Japan and produce large variety of products.

Our activities

Retail support

The success of the customers is our success. Based on the know-how at our captive stores, we promptly analyze customers’ actual situation, advice them on sales items and shop display with accuracy.

Logistics support

In order to meet the needs of retailers timely, we construct loss less ordering systems and build up reliable logistics structure in strong cooperation with delivery companies.

Planning and development

Taking advantage of abundant experience at the captive stores, we make concrete suggestions to new retail stores in reference to display, goods line-up and promotion activities.

Our values

Sato Shokai started as wholesaler for household goods and gifts in 1946, steers now also captive stores based on experience and know-how accumulated in its history.
Retailer can benefit from the data of our captive stores about sales approaches and consumer’s trends.

Our task

Our wholesale services are offered throughout Japan. In order to make people’s life here happier, healthier, more enjoyable and cultural, we discover products from all over the world.


Message from CEO Haruo Sato

We aim to form the company where employees enjoy their responsibilities and fulfil their own dreams same as of the company.
Working hard in order to realize dreams and as result they come true, this is a happy life.